Renovating your Home with the Perfect Slab of Granite

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Renovating your Home with the Perfect Slab of Granite

What Is Granite Slab Used For?

In the past, the price of a granite slab has been quite costly, and as the demand for this material increased, so did the price. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Granite slab has gradually become more affordable, and despite the fact that this material may be more expensive than some other synthetic materials, the uncompromised quality and benefits of granite slab make the extra money spent worthwhile.
The combined benefits and value have made granite, especially in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), one of the most popular home and business décor materials to date. Toronto Granite slabs are used for the following indoor and outdoor applications:
  • Flooring– granite flooring is particularly great in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom and hallways. Granite tiling is the most common type of flooring, but for extra pizazz, an entire granite slab can be inlaid in the floor.
  • Bathroom Vanities – Bathrooms are also very high-traffic areas. In the home, there are several types of bathrooms, like the main bathroom, the en-suite bathroom or the guest bathroom, and in a business you will have a staff bathroom or even a bathroom that is open to the public. Regardless of the type of bathroom, it undergoes extensive use, and granite slab is a wise choice for bathroom vanities because of its durability.
  • Designer wall cladding – As a decorating option, granite wall cladding can be used to completely transform an area into something decadent. Add granite wall cladding to an existing wall to reinvent the look of a room, or use it as a surround behind the stove in the kitchen, or outdoors as a surround behind your backyard grilling space.
  • Kitchen counters – for the same reason that a granite slab makes sense as a bathroom vanity top, granite slab for kitchen counters is equally as sensible, particularly when you throw in the fact that the seal on granite counters makes it impervious to bacteria that can create issues when preparing and serving meals on other more porous countertop materials.
  • Fireplaces– turn ordinary into extraordinary with a surround for the fireplace. The high heat resistance of granite makes it an ideal choice for fireplace surround material.
  • Bathtub surrounds – picture it: soaking in the tub surrounded by luxury. Granite bathtub surrounds add the serenity that will change your bathroom into your own private oasis.
  • Monuments– Granite slab monuments make for a great artful décor in your outdoor area or garden, and the durability of granite means your monument will continue to look fantastic year after year.
  • Stairs– granite slabs as steps either indoors or out will make each step a delight.
  • Railings– railings made from granite are very different from their traditional wood counterparts. Instead of acting like a divider, granite railing is unobtrusive; it has the ability to open up a room when used indoors, or to complement and blend in with nature when used outdoors.
  • Benches– Imagine your guests wandering around your garden, admiring the hard work and thought you have put into the planning and nurturing of your outdoor space. Now, imagine your guests spotting the perfect place to sit and admire their surroundings. This perfect place to sit is the outdoor granite bench.
  • Tables– Another popular trend in Toronto is the use of granite slab tables. Heat and scratch resistant, and easy to clean. What more could you want from a table?
Visit a granite slab supplier in Toronto today to learn more about the unequivocal quality and benefits of granite as well as the many different ways in which it can be used.